Wensday meal Idea

So tonight i was making ne of my favorite diners and thought i would share the recipie.
I made Chicken stir fry.

This has to be one of the easiest meals. Its one of those you get hme late from work and you need something for dinner you can just toss it together and its good to go.
To start with i pre maranate my meat. Wheni buy large packages of meat i seperate them and freeze them in portions. With Chicken for stir fry i chop it into bite sized pieces then marante it. Then freeze it, so when i want to make it its all ready for me.
To maranate i use Kikomans Stir fry sauce. Thats what its called, stir fry sause. I add in some soysauce and 2 tablespoons oyster sauce. Which is a dipping sauce for oysters NOT a sauce made from oysters.
I then put it in a bag and freeze. However if your making this fortoday you want to let the chicken sit in the sause for a couple of hours in the fridge. Cover it for best flavor, or put it in a bag to marante.

To cook, Start by sauteing the meat and sause. When its cooked, set it aside in a bowl. Then saute the vegitables in the same sause, adding a bit of olive oil if you need to. For vegitables i do broccoli califlower, carrots, frozen mixed veggies, red yellow and green peppers, and mushrooms. Of cours eyou can add as much or as little veggies as you choose. After they are sauted, add the meat back in with a bit of chicken broth, and warm the meat back up, mixing well.
And serve.
Great over white rice or by itself.
We ad a reat dinner tonight!


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