Sweets for my sweet( tooth)

There are very few candies that i can sit down and drool over. You know the ones im talking about, the ones where you cant stop eating untill the whole pile is done. Even if you have the willpower to walk away from your heavenly devine, you come back to it again and again, chipping away at the treat before you untill its all gone.
Licorice is one of my weaknesses. Its a normal every day type treat. You can buy it at any store without batting an eye. But for me, its one of my sit all night with a huge box of red soft liccorce untill its gone. Not so soft licorice? Not a problem ,ill just suck on the ends till its softer. And i even have a bad habit of biting off each end and using the licorice as a straw. Milk is wonderful that way.
Another is fresh truffles. Sadly you can really only get them around holiday times in my area. At least without paying 3 times the price as they would be during the holidays. However melt in your mouth Truffles is an amazing treat. The center of this devine chocolate always feels cool. So as its melting its deliciously cool. I bought some today, they were covered in bitter cocoa powder, but still so good. The twange of the bitter cocoa podwer combined with the sweetness of the chocolate was a delightful twise i was not expecting.
There was this one candy that used to be sold around here. But i havent seen it in 10 years. It will always be one of my favorites. It was a mint chocolate. Sold only at chirstmas time, it was a bell, about an inch long, the top half of the bell was smooth chocolate. The bottom half of the bell was cool mint bleded to prefection. The mint so tangy and the choclate so sweet made for a blend of amazing tastes.
Sometimes i could just sit and gorge myself on those candies. But i suppose for tonight ill have to situate myself with the last of the licorice!


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