Of Belugas and Bears

First we shall visit upon us, the Belugas.

Now The Cook Inlet Beluga whales are actually about to enter the endangered species. There are less then 300 Cook Inlet Belugas ( yes that is their species and class) left in the world. So in a way the few pictures ive managed to collect are precious. Sadly they dont come out of the water like other whales, they peak out just their backs, once in a grand while a head or tail, while feeding on salmon in shallow water. So the bits i have are their backs.

With out further Adiu… Belugas.

This one is even more special. There is a mama ( white) and baby to the left of the photo ( grey)

And for fun. What a Beluga looks like, the face. The statues are made of stone. Thease were taken for fun.

Ah-Rama A friend of the familys granddaughter
Kim, The friend of the family
Me and my Angry boys on the Beluga

Conner and I

And Bears, We cant forget the bears.



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